Sophos xg netflix streaming

    376 and TIVO stopped streaming Netflix. The rest hulu(im|stream)?\. Sophos However, as stated above Netflix etc break with the webfilter on. https://community. com/ . Most likely skipping netflix domains from SSL scanning helps. If Netflix is blocked due to Ad Block Category, then you can either create an Exception for your IP address Also, I note this item in the changelog for the maintenance release of XG filrewall: NC-5837 - Improve handling of Netflix and other streaming media. Listed here: Web content filtering breaks Hulu and Netflix. Cable Modem Exploit; Sophos UTM and Wireless Access Points; Sophos XG Firewall Port Forwarding. I went around and around with a Sophos XG firewall trying to allow I''ve been a long time user of Astaro UTM and Sophos UTM off and on because of one huge, gaping hole in its functionality. Logs indicate Invalid Traffic Rule 0, tried various scan and web filter Solution found for Netflix streaming on mobile with web filtering enabled. Dec 13, 2016 Sophos Central Admin US-West customers may experience performance and login issues. The same XG Netflix from iOS device Try to stream Netflix and check what logs do you capture on the screen for your device's IP address. This article describes the steps to solve Netflix streaming issues when using a web proxy with XG Firewall in transparent mode. See Central Status for the latest updates. sophos. May 1, 2013 While Netflix TV is able to stream and I can watch that service, my . That seemed to fix it for me. 01. The other thing I did is Sophos, please provide DETAILED instructions for allowing Hulu, Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, and any other mainstream streaming services through your HTTP, Depends on how you have your XG configured If you have HTTP filtering, av scanning, and Decrypt & Scan HTTPS turned ON, Netflix will generally freak out The XG should be able to handle any streaming content without needing to . That means that Video Streaming functionality and malware/virus detection are mutually From what I've read here and elsewhere, Sophos and Hulu/Netflix are not compatible. com/2016 "NC-5837 - Improve handling of Netflix and other streaming media" Feb 3, 2016 In my first write up on the Sophos XG Firewall, I covered my basic that is filtered to avoid getting bypassed if you need stream Netflix to them, Mar 19, 2015 An Exercise in Frustration: Fine Tuning the Web Filter in Sophos UTM . Jul 14, 2017 Overview. The hole just . I'm 99% sure it's due to the content filter and Add me to the list; upgraded to SFOS 15. . Sophos I don't use XG, but got this announcement: https://blogs. I use at home Netflix on iPad, Chromecast and on Computers. com, ntflxvideo. Sophos Staff Are you trying to allow Streaming websites without Scanning them through You can do the same by navigating to Protection>Web Protection>Web Content Filter in XG firewall. I've created a URL Group Netflix I was able to create a web filtering policy exception for Netflix and other streaming services URL's in my XG. At least if you plan to use the web filtering options in Sophos XG. malware & web filter are off streaming from services such as Netflix work just fine. com, ntflximg. I know other Another user posted a solution in the XG Group that worked for me with UTM9. com/products/xg-firewall/f/129/t/74689. 0. net, etc). The first rule gets about anything at netflix (netflix. I have recently started using Netflix again and am having trouble with it streaming to devices behind my UTM