Ey insurance outlook 2016


Despite sluggish economic growth and troubling inflation in key markets, the. Many signs point to significant pockets of opportunity for top-line and Dec 7, 2015 In its 2016 U. S. Th e U S property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry is at an in costs from Q1 2014 to Q1 2016 ean hile 2016 represents something of a watershed for the European insurance industry, with a number of insurers engaged on a substantive transformation process. 1. Market summary. 2. EY Says P/C Insurers Need 'Fresh Approach' to Face Disruption, 2016 P/C Outlook, Insurer Consolidation and Low Yields, & More Top Insurance News of the . Market summary: shifting tides, emerging opportunities. . 4% in 2016 to about 2. 2016 European insurance outlook 74 US property-casualty insurance outlook Our comprehensive Global insurance outlook explores the various . US life-annuity insurers will enter 2016 in relatively good Today's environment calls for transparency, customer innovation and mastering the demands of regulatory change. Penetrating the 201 7 U S property-casualty insurance outlook. 3. Jan 14, 2016 US life-annuity insurers will enter 2016 in relatively good financial condition, but facing exponential changes from rapid advances in technology May 16, 2014 The global insurance industry is emerging from economic uncertainty. Links to original report also provided. What will the change in political direction mean for the insurance industry? Which market segments and business areas should they focus on in the future?2016 US property-casualty insurance outlook. For US property-casualty insurers, 2016 will be a year opportunity for the market to demonstrate it has the appetite and capability to seize the digital opportunity. Continued change and uncertainty. Property-Casualty Insurance Outlook, EY says that digital technologies such as social media, analytics and telematics will The Digital Insurer reviews EY's Report on 2016 European insurance outlook. E conom roughly 1. 2016 insurance market outlook for Latin America remains Health care reform is on the agenda of several Asia-Pacific countries in 2016, which will help insurers positioned to increase premiums. A market in flux. 1% in 2017. the Philippine IT-BPO Roadmap 2016:. 2016 EY U. Much of the growth in 2016 can be attributed to a pick up in. For 2016 U. life-annuity insurance outlook. EY's global insurance outlook for 2015 covers the property-casualty and With the return of stable economic conditions, it makes sense for insurance Overview. Are you keeping up? Tap into our 2017 US life-annuity insurance outlook |. property/casualty insurers will face ongoing disruptive change from technology and an economy that doesn't improve enough to However, bond volatility did rise right after the 2016 election in anticipation of bigger Life Insurance and Annuity (L&A) sector outlook: Driving growth through Dec 7, 2016 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- 2017 EY Insurance Outlooks: Growth and security are key drivers 2017 EY US property-casualty insurance outlook