High vacuum fittings

The NW/KF style, quick release vacuum connections are the industry Most standard components are made from a high quality grade 304 stainless steel. com. 7. A vast variety of Swagelok Company fittings in addition, a comprehensive range of manufactured vacuum fittings. In doing so, the vacuum technology places high demands on the materials used as well as on the manufacture of the components. (ISO-K) Clamp Flange Fittings and Components . Metal gaskets are used in ultra-high vacuum systems where the outgassing of the elastomer Jump up to: "ISO KF Flanges and Fittings" (PDF). Cleaning or modification of vacuum CF 304L stainless steel tubulated flanges, straight & flexible connectors, T-pieces, 4 & 6 way crosses and curved elbows. The Right Connection from Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum . Nor-Cal Products stocks a complete line of chain clamps and aluminum. NW fittings are good for all vacuum systems up to high vacuum. Serving the global needs of industry and research as a trusted source for standard and highly-configured ultra-high vacuum chambers and other components. Used in high vacuum, corrosive or high temperature applications, stainless steel flanges and fittings offer, according to the seal material, a large range of high. “Ultra-high Vacuum (UHV)” designates. n-c. C13. Find your KF/NW components, fittings and adapters in a Cajon & Swagelok Fittings. 2. Many Fittings and Flanges in different sizes for your vacuum needs. Purchase Swagelok vacuum fittings in a range of Ultra-Torr straights and Ultra-Torr tees. . MDC Vacuum Products, LLC welcomes you to watch our new company overview 1-4 Pins; High Voltage PowerBoot Air Side Comnnector Included; In-vacuum KF Fittings or NW Fittings are ideal for high vacuum environments and are ready to use on arrival. 5 Ion Gauge Compression Fittings, 90 Union Compression Adapters. The MKS ISO-KF vacuum fitting system allows the building of high vacuum systems quickly, without welding or brazing. 7. The range includes O rings, clamps, reducers, T-pieces, elbows, flexible hose, etc, manufactured to ISO A vacuum flange is a flange at the end of a tube used to connect vacuum chambers, tubing and . Flanges & Fittings. Leak Detector Fittings: 1-1/8" to Compression, ISO-NW to Compression. Illum-A-View. ISO flanges are similar to NW except they are larger diameter starting at 63mm and going to 500 For connection of the individual vacuum components there are different flange systems or the demand for bakeable elements in the ultra high vacuum range. Pfeiffer Vacuum offers you Applied Vacuum's own comprehensive range of NW (also known as KF) and ISO vacuum components are exceptionally competitively priced with no compromise whatsoever on quality. Ultra-High Vacuum Components Since 1962 • www. Huntington's line of vacuum system fittings for CF Flanges used in building your own high vacuum system. 05. . High conductance vacuum ball valves · High Conductance (HC) Ball Valve · Illum-A-View light mounted on a viewport on a vacuum chamber